The Barn’s Conrad Red Wolves rebrand is just getting started

Conrad's mascot officially became the Red Wolves months ago, but the rebranding is just beginning.

The new logo. (Courtesy image)

Like many high schools across the country, Conrad Schools of Science  eventually had to address the fact that their longtime team name had to go.
For 80 years, Conrad was the home of the “Redskins.”
Today, it’s the home of the Red Wolves, the new name chosen by the students.

Fans of Delaware high school sports have been getting used to calling Conrad’s teams the Red Wolves since last February, when the name change became official after a divisive, long-fought battle.
The real work of rebranding the school, a task that has been contracted to Wilmington’s The Barn, is just getting started.
“A high school rebrand takes two to three years,” said Nick Matarese, The Barn’s founder. “It’s not like a college that can do in six months. High schools can’t afford that.”
The new rebranded website officially went live last weekend, with its new logos, which were first introduced in April.

Team uniforms are the first priority for a school rebranding, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Consider the school’s gymnasium floor, which Matarese says will have to be sanded down to remove the old headdress logo, the signage throughout the school and everything that has the school’s logo, from letterhead to diplomas.
The Barn has been busy lately, between Conrad, their recent NBC Sports contract, and social media for the Jacksonville Jaguars, where the usual team marketing has been sidelined to focus on helping communities after the recent hurricanes.

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