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DC’s AreaProbe is through to the finals of Comcast’s Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition

The 1776-based startup recently won $10,000, and there's $20,000 more on the line. But the construction-tracking team needs your help.

AreaProbe wants to make city development information more transparent. (Photo by Flickr user Tim Evanson, used under a Creative Commons license)
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Curvin LeathamDonovan Anderson and Edward Faustin, the founders of AreaProbe, were working out of 1776 one day when they encountered a flyer for Comcast’s Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition. The three decided to apply — why not?
Now, the early-stage, D.C.-based startup has won the regional round of the competition (and with it, $10,000 in grant funding) and is through to the finals with $20,000 more on the line. In this next stage, Leatham, Anderson and Faustin are seeking public support.
So what’s AreaProbe, you ask?
Leatham told the company is in the business of “making what’s happening in cities transparent.” Specifically, AreaProbe helps clients “track real estate and infrastructure developments,” enabling them to see what’s happening and also who is involved.
AreaProbe takes census data and city data and housing association data and development data and more and uses it all to paint a picture of what’s happening in a neighborhood, a city, a region.
The company also fills an information-sharing role between the various players in the development space — the lenders and contractors and developers and owners and more. AreaProbe offers the kind of who’s-who information that can lead to partnerships down the road. In this, “it’s kind of like,” Faustin said.
For now, AreaProbe is only operating in the DMV area. But of course the team would like to expand when sustainable, and the money and mentoring on offer from Comcast would undoubtedly be helpful in this expansion.
Public voting in the Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs competition is live through May 13 — dig into AreaProbe’s application, and place your votes, here.

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