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This Week in Jobs: The 411 on NET/WORK Suburbs 2019

Party deets this way, folks.

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Let’s get ready to NET/WOOOOOORK!

That’s right folks, it’s NET/WORK Suburbs 2019 time.

Well, almost. Next week, technically.

Anyways, as Roman philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” So start prepping yourself on all of the great companies that have officially signed up to meet you at one of our most popular technology networking events. Then wow ‘em with your near-encyclopedic knowledge of their company, right down to the fight song of the founder’s graduating university.

Or, just talk about how you can take their company to the next level. Yes, that’s probably better advice.

So get your smart butts to NET/WORK Suburbs 2019, hosted by Deacom in Chesterbrook, PA on Thursday, Oct 10.

Register for the free event here.

The News

Did you hear that NET/WORK Suburbs 2019 is next — wait, oops, did that already.

But the news within the news is that we also have a rundown of all the professional perks you’ll find at the event:

  • Drinks
  • Bites
  • Free professional headshots
  • Resume review
  • Primo face-time opportunities with some of the area’s most vibrant companies

The Jobs

If you’ve caught on to the theme yet, you’ll guess that we’re about to feature jobs from a few featured companies that will be at NET/WORK Suburbs.

And you’ll be right.


  • The “artisans of ERP software” are looking for software developers with entrymid and senior levels of experience.

Chariot Solutions


  • This ship-themed investment firm is on the lookout for … oh wow, so many jobs. It’s impossible to choose! Go here (click on the “jobs” tab). Right now. You’re welcome, everyone.

Pinnacle 21 

  • The team behind the tech that’s been making an impact on clinical drug trials could use the help of multiple Senior Software Engineers.

J.W. Pepper

Be sure to check the career pages for the rest of our sponsors, including BurlingtonRelay NetworkAscensusSignant Health and more!

The End

If you took anything away from this week’s newsletter, we hope it’s that you should go to NET/WORK Suburbs 2019 at Deacom on Oct 10.

Because that’s literally the only thing we wrote about.

Happy job hunting, friends. See ya next week.


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