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This sassy robot lets you anonymously call out cliché Instagrams

Seen one selfie too many? A new system from allen & gerritsen Labs has you covered.

You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and rolling your eyes because that friend of yours is always posting lame cat photos. Instead of silently groaning, go ahead, take action.

Thanks to allen & gerritsen Labs, there’s a new trash-talking robot at your service.

The Center City marketing agency’s innovation arm (whose past hits include a Twitter-powered Nerf gun and an RFID-powered Tic-tac-toe game) has built, yes, a sassy Instagram robot. Called Pic Nix, the system lets you “anonymously drop the hammer” on your friends’ cliché Instagrams.

Try it

You know you want to.

Companies: Allen & Gerritsen
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