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410 Labs has a new office space above The Brewer’s Art

The startup is relocating from the Emerging Technology Center's office in Canton to the new space in Mount Vernon

The Brewer's Art, just below 410 Labs new office. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Software product startup 410 Labs, the creators of the Mailstrom “Inbox Zero” web app, just moved offices from the Emerging Technology Center‘s office in Canton to a new space in Mount Vernon.
The new office is directly above The Brewer’s Art, otherwise known as the bar that serves Resurrection beer.
Dave Troy, cofounder of 410 Labs, tweeted out the news on Wednesday.


Above The Brewer’s Art. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

As Technically Baltimore reported, the ETC is closing down its Canton-based office and opening a new office on the third floor of the former home of the King Cork and Seal Company in Highlandtown. Five startups so far have signed on as tenants of the ETC’s new space, which will open in October.
This move is part of a slow exodus from what has been a major hub of the Baltimore city tech scene, Canton, for years.

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