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13 companies (already) looking to hire at this year’s NET/WORK Suburbs

Take this opportunity to network and find job opportunities with companies in the Greater Philadelphia region and beyond. Sept. 26. Mark your calendars.

NET/WORK Suburbs 2016 at eMoney Advisor.

(Photo by Vincent Better)

Over 120 people came out to the suburban expansion of NET/WORK, our popular job fair, in October 2016. You may remember, as it was the start of the Snapchat “Swag Report” courtesy of Editor-in-Chief Zack Seward. Well, we’re bringing it back! And we promise to convince Zack to be equally entertaining online for those at home. (Editor’s note: No promises lol.)

The event will take place at Vanguard’s IT building located in Malvern, Pa., and 13 companies are already signed up to participate. Recruiters will be there to meet their next great hires.

Meet these companies and more on Tuesday, Sept. 26:

Is your company looking to hire? Reach out to for more info about getting involved.


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