Trust the process

We always warn our sponsors: your voice could go hoarse at our tech jobs fair NET/WORK.

Walking around our Philadelphia tech jobs fair on Tuesday, the 50+ companies that attended were there in force, their teams in tow. We set out a table and two chairs for each company, but those sponsors usually bring three or four staffers (and no, not just recruiters — devs, too) to make sure they get a chance to talk to as many of the passing jobseekers as they can.

We spotted Talent Acquisition Specialist Emily Meekins, of Hero Digital, who had a plan this year: she brought two employees along with her who the company hired from last year’s NET/WORK. That’s the way to sell a job candidate at NET/WORK: prove that connections happen. Show, don’t tell.

Anand Angalig told us that he came to NET/WORK in 2017 looking for a new opportunity, and one conversation turned into a full-time role. This time, he was there representing at NET/WORK as Hero’s Junior Web Developer.

Being at the event, he said, “felt like coming full circle.”

“Several people asked me about my experience and how I feel about coming back—’Trust the process'” he told them, referencing the Sixers basketball mantra.

Talia Gudelsky, Hero’s Visual Designer, said that she came to show people that networking really makes a difference.

“Even if the connection doesn’t pay off in a week or a month, the relationships you build can have an impact years later. It was important for me to attend the event this year to show jobseekers that I am living proof that networking pays off.”

Talia also told her story during our workshop sessions at NET/WORK, where companies share stories about professional development and technical experience.

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