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Wawa adds free Xfinity WiFi to its stores

Because why not.

Wawa now has free WiFi.

(Photo by Flickr user Lauren Siegert, used under a Creative Commons license)

Full disclosure: Comcast is the title sponsor of Philly Tech Week 2016, which is organized by Technical.ly.

While you’re waiting for your Sizzli, you now have the luxury of checking Facebook, Twitter, email and, of course, Technical.ly with free WiFi.
Wawa announced that it has partnered with Comcast Business’ Enterprise Solutions department to install a public/private network in all of its stores. There are 50 Wawa stores in a 20-mile radius from downtown Wilmington.
To access the WiFi, anyone can log on to the “xfinitywifi” network, and there’s no charge, according to a release. You don’t have to be a Comcast customer to use the service.
“Customers will now enjoy the optimal environment for doing everything from utilizing their Wawa app to enjoy rewards and purchase products to connecting with their friends and neighbors,” Wawa spokeswoman Carol Jensen said in a statement.
Comcast designed and built an enterprise-grade managed WiFi and broadband system that also includes private access for associates and vendors.
Bill Stemper, Comcast Business’ president, said enabling free WiFi in public storefronts “has become a cornerstone for attracting and retaining customers,” according to a statement.
Perhaps that’s true — just look at Starbucks — but Wawa seems to be doing just fine attracting and retaining customers.
Either, way, enjoy the WiFi!

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