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Jun. 4, 2019 3:30 pm

This Week in Jobs: Hearing ‘new jobs’ is music to our ears

Unless you’re on iTunes.

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Story time

Long ago, a generation of youths that fit somewhere between the end of Gen X and the beginning of the millennial were introduced to a revolutionary new way to access music. It was called Napster, and despite operating at a mind-numbingly glacial pace, it was glorious.

Napster all at once exposed us to hip tunes previously held hostage on pricey CDs and the radio, and persuaded us to wait upwards of eight hours for a single download of a song off of Green Day’s Nimrod” album.

Or, if you were like this writer, Britney Spears’ pop thriller, “Stronger.” Hey, it was a long time ago.

Now, just as Napster faded away with the days of yore, iTunes is also going bye-bye. Obviously Apple has many a new app to replace it, but it’s important to pay respect to the streaming programs that raised us.


And so, dear iTunes, we bid you farewell. It was inexplicably difficult to transition our iTunes music from one Apple device to another but we loved you once, and we shall remember you forever.

Alrighty! Onto the good stuff.


If you’re on a mission to do some good, don’t miss INTER/VIEW 2019, a social impact jobs fair developed by our sister publication Generocity and presented by the Public Health Management Corporation.

Looking to get into the fintech space without four more years of school? Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania just launched an online fintech specialization program. Anyone can take it, and it might be just the right nudge you need to try your hand in a new sector of tech. Learn more and see what other local universities are spreading knowledge online.

PromptWorks employee Montana Goodman shared her career journey (so far) with and spilled the beans on why the custom software consultancy is a dream for young technologists looking for mentorship and learning. Oh, right, the most important part: PromptWorks is hiring.

In this month’s “On the Market” column, get the downlow on business moves being made and who’s makin’ ‘em. Including four hot jobs for esports coaches. Get in there, sport.


Blast your walk-up music (on iTunes, obvi) and set up to the plate, kids:


Biz folks:

Data lovers:


Operations pros:


Remote gigs:

Hot Tip!

Try structuring your resume so it focuses on the action and outcome of an assignment instead of just listing the task. Doing so provides more insight into what you actually did, the impact you were able to make and the value you brought to the role. It can also help you appear more dynamic and results-oriented.

The End

Thanks for joining us this week!

Here’s hoping Apple comes up with an easy way to save our iTunes tunes before it all changes. If it doesn’t, we propose a very annoying plan where everyone walks to Apple HQ loudly singing the songs they lost, a capella through the streets, until Tim Cook can’t take it anymore.

See you next time. Happy job hunting.

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