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May 28, 2019 8:25 am

This Week in Jobs: When one role ends, another begins

Even Jon Snow needs a new gig.

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Did you see the finale?

Okay, now that “Game of Thrones” is over, everyone who didn’t watch “Game of Thrones” can finally relax, as they will no longer have to endure being asked if they watch “Game of Thrones.”

In other great news, your weekly list of HBO-quality* tech jobs is below.

*Pssst, that just means really good stuff.

The News

Custom software consultancy PromptWorks is about to take a seat at its new throne located at 123 S. Broad St. The larger office space will accommodate the growth of its team in and outside of software, including new roles in project management, QA and design. The company is actively involved in the effort to diversify the tech applicant pool through community events and meetups, so be a pal and share the news with friends even if they don’t have a tech background. Learn more about the company and its open jobs here.


Old City medtech startup Strados Labs just raked in some serious dough after raising nearly $2 million in early-stage venture capital funds. An honorable mention on the 2019 realLIST, Strados Labs is proving its value and setting itself up to expand, including doubling its five person team by the end of June. That means, get in there, slugger. You can find the jobs here.

The Jobs

Now that you aren’t trapped in a permanent eye roll listening to everyone talk about GoT, you’ll have way more brain bandwidth to dedicate to the job hunt.

And, go:



Sales and marketing:

Client and customer success:

Technical leads:


Jobs you can do from anywhere:

Hot Tip!

Keep a document handy with all of the standard information you’d need on a job application (previous employer contact info, dates of employment, professional references, etc). Print it out and bring it with you to interviews in case you’re required to fill out a form in-person. That way, you’ll be able to finish it quickly without having to dig for what you need, allowing more time to prepare for the questions.

The End

We hope this newsletter was more satisfying than the GoT finale … which non-watchers didn’t see, so that won’t make sense.

Hmmm … OK, how’s this: We hope you find a desk that feels like a royal throne within the stately walls of a top tech house. Again though, that’s for people who watched the show. Gah!

Okay, we hope you have a great week free of Jon Snow quotes. There it is.

Happy job hunting, folks. And as always, find a job anytime at our master jobs list.

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