Has your tech career path been a straight line, a twist or a zigzag? Technical.ly wants to hear your story - Technical.ly

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Has your tech career path been a straight line, a twist or a zigzag? Technical.ly wants to hear your story

February 2021 is Tech Career Paths month. And with it, we're introducing a new series to chart career journeys, called "How I Got Here."

At NET/WORK DC in 2018.

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Bootcamps. College degrees. Self-directed learning. They’re all ways people become technology professionals — and advance in their careers.

As Technical.ly wraps up What’s Next for the Economy? Month of our 2021 editorial calendar, we’re looking to February’s theme: Tech Career Paths Month. That means we’ll be devoting extra reporting to the many twists and turns a technologist’s career can take, and the wider trends impacting that journey.

We’ll be asking question like the following: What nontraditional paths are being taken to careers in technology? What hiring trends emerged from 2020? What are the steps after hiring that can help to retain underrepresented groups in tech roles?

We especially want to illustrate that there’s no “right” way to enter tech, or move through a career. Maybe you’re a head of engineering now, but it’s your second career after starting as a librarian. Maybe you went to school for art, and now you work in UX design. Maybe you’re in IT, but want to pivot to software engineering. Maybe you did everything you were “supposed” to, but are still struggling to break into a next-level role at your company.

Sound familiar? We want to hear from you for an interview series we’re calling “How I Got Here.”

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And for the rest of Tech Career Paths Month: Are you a policy expert we should talk to, or do you know of one? Is there a report we need to read to better explain this topic? Want to write a first-person guest post about your relevant experience, or to share some relevant resources? Let us know:


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