Do not sleep on Atlanta's tech scene. This video shows why -


May 5, 2016 11:00 am

Do not sleep on Atlanta’s tech scene. This video shows why

Learn about the ATL in this video from the Tomorrow Tour.

Attendees arrive at the Atlanta stop of the Tomorrow Tour.

(Photo by Bill Rush/Comcast)

We brought together a whole new generation of entrepreneurs when we stopped in six cities for the Tomorrow Tour. The last stop on the collabo was Atlanta. But it certainly wasn’t the least.

During the curated afternoon session, we asked the business community to explain:

Why is it that everywhere you turn in Atlanta there is a new startup?

Watch the video for answers.

“Diversity is the fabric of the city,” said James Andrews of True Story Labs.

“People from all over the world relocate here for the proximity to a particular company,” said Michelle Morgan of NEX Atlanta. Then they do their next thing.

Thanks to the wonderful videography of Philly-based Tweed Video, the video takes you inside the offices of startups like Mimmer, Moxie Sports and Amplify4Good. There’s also an even deeper dive into the booming Atlanta tech scene in this recap written by cofounder Chris Wink. Heck, while you’re at it, get even more visual with this Atlanta infographic.

Jeanette Lloyd

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