Introducing the Tomorrow Toolkit, an ebook on business building -


Apr. 25, 2016 9:11 am

Introducing the Tomorrow Toolkit, an ebook on business building

We've heard from lots of founders over the years. This how-to guide for up-and-coming entrepreneurs brings it all together.

Tangible advice from local and national partners.

(Illustrations by Mike Jackson)

Launching a company today is different.

We know that from the hundreds of founders we’ve met in our reporting and event organizing. From software tools to entrepreneurship resources, there is more out there to help you go from idea to business than ever before.

These ideas all came up in a big way during the Tomorrow Tour, a multi-city event and reporting series we at produced with Comcast NBCUniversal. Now we’re compiling those ideas as an ebook called the Tomorrow Toolkit, which we produced thanks to support from NBCUniversal’s Open Possibilities program.

The 20,000-word, 23-page ebook — built off dozens of interviews and reporting from many of our writers — is free and ready to inspire.

Check it out

What’s in there? We share resources, talk about finding a cofounder, creating a mission and lots more. This is ideal for first-time and still-developing founders. Give it a read, share it with #TMRWTour16 and tell us your story.

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Projects: Tomorrow Tour


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