Tom Critchlow and Sean Blanda start podcast on the future of content

With “The Malcontents” the duo will try to cut through the BS when it comes to content.

"Hey! I'm Tom Critchlow."

(Image via YouTube)

Content is everywhere. Your shaving company has a magazine now and so does your coworking space and the company you bought your mattress from. But the news media continues to bleed out and no one can seem to make money.

Into that hellscape step Sean Blanda and Tom Critchlow with a new podcast about the content industry called The Malcontents.

“It’s a total test but I think our goal is to help more people participate in the conversation around where our content and news come from and the often hidden incentives behind that,” explained Blanda in a direct message.

Blanda is the editor-in-chief of the career and personal finance publication I Will Teach You To Be Rich and was a cofounder of the site you’re reading right now, Technically Media. Critchlow is a freelance strategy consultant and the cofounder of the digital art gallery Fiercely Curious.

“There’s a lot of mediocre content and there’s a lot of people trying to make content the same way everyone else is… Which leads to a uniform, bland experience,” Critchlow explained in a direct message. He said he hopes to shine a light on interesting indie media and to explore ways to build better revenue models, rather than chasing advertising dollars.

One reason for the podcast, Blanda explained, was that he and Tom were tired of DM’ing each other all day.


“I suspect most people don’t think deeply about the tangled web of business incentives, biases of social media platforms, and weaknesses in human psychology that have led to our current landscape,” he explained via DM. “And only recently have we as a society begun to care about this stuff. But we’re in the early innings, so we thought it would be fun to chronicle that conversation.”

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