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Snowden statue liberated

And you can see it at an art show opening Friday.

That 'tent. ("Content" with darts by patpitchaya via Shutterstock)

Apparently, it’s officially known as “The Prison Ship Martyr’s Monument 2.0, AKA The Snowden Statue,” but you may know it as the bust made famous for being promptly removed by city officials when it was illicitly installed in Fort Greene Park.
The statue has been released from police custody, according to VICE’s Motherboard, and the public will get a chance to see it at an art show opening Friday, called “SEVEN: Anonymity, no longer an option.
The still anonymous artists will seek clearance to install the statue by permission in an New York City park soon, according to Motherboard.
Check out this amazing tweet of the statue in police custody:

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