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Pontiflex is now Crossboard Mobile [Startup Roundup]

Pontiflex gets a name change, some meat grows in Brooklyn and a shocking TIL about the East "River." It's the Startup Roundup, keeping tabs on Brooklyn's startup ecosystem every Wednesday.

Who’s getting money?

Dumbo’s Pontiflex has changed its name to Crossboard Mobile. The company has also raised $1.25 million in a late-stage debt round, according to an SEC filing. This may be an indication that the company, which creates an opt-in network of mobile ads, has moved from the startup category to that of going concern. Here’s a blog post from the company about its name change.

Cloth Creations, Inc. raised $142,500 on an offered $500,000 equity-only round, according to an SEC filing. The filing lists Seth Porges, Wray Serna and Ragy Thomas as directors. The company is presumably the parent of Cloth, an iOS app that allows users to keep track of their outfits, whose website lists the first two on its team page, but not Thomas, who is CEO of Sprinklr, a social media management company. The team page also lists Bradford Stephens as a cofounder. Stephens appears to be, most notably, a big data expert and pioneer. Porges is a journalist and Serna is a fashion blogger and designer. Cloth has been around since at least 2012, based on this interview about the app on Fox News.

Modern Meadow raised $12.6 million on an offered $13.6 million equity-only round, according to an SEC filing. We wrote about the company in an earlier post about the Army Terminal. The company will be growing meat and leather. At the time of the previous post, it wasn’t clear whether the company would relocate here from Missouri, but this filing appears to confirm that it has.

Who’s making moves?

As we wrote yesterday, Ringly has released photos of its first group of rings. The notification devices are now available for pre-order. One minor update: now that pre-orders are open, you can see the light built into the ring if you hover over any of the individual designs. When you do, it turns the ring just enough to see where the light is.

We have written about +Pool, the concept of floating a swimming pool in the East River (which isn’t a river, by the way) and using filtration technology to feed water into the pool for safe swimming. The Clean Water Act standard for clean is “fishable, swimmable,” but this is probably not quite what legislators had in mind. Nevertheless, a prototype +Pool, the Float Lab, is in the water this summer, off Pier 40, testing the proposed technological pollution interventions under real conditions. Google will be helping the team share its results via this dashboard.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard announced Monday that it has renewed 16 leases this year, ten of which were to companies that have been in the yard for more than a decade.

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