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Play AR: experience Prospect Park as a dystopian battlefield

In AR Battlefield, Technical.ly Brooklyn will defend its position in Crown Heights against all would-be usurpers.

The sort of virual creations you can create with PlayAR Screenshot from Play AR Kickstarter video

At the dd:Impact conference, there was a lot of talk about using Augmented Reality for marketers to fight for customer purchases in real time in the aisles of Duane Reade. To be honest, it kind of freaked us out. Strangely, the idea of turning the entire world into a videogame battlefield doesn’t freak us out at all. It sounds kind of fun.

That’s what SemblanceAR will attempt as it seeks community support for its mobile app to allow non-programmers to create Augmented Reality objects on their mobile devices and place them in the real world.

If you want to become a general leading a horde of AR freedom fighters down Flatbush, you need to get in on the ground floor. Support Play AR on Kickstarter. Not only will your support enable you to make Augmented Reality creations and place them in the real world, you will also support the creation of AR Battlefield, a worldwide video game played through mobile devices. Once it’s live, there will be a Basic (ad supported) Account and Pro Account. The Pro Account will allow users to create their own standalone apps using Play AR. Both versions will allow users to create their own AR objects using a variety of 3D modeling software.

In their Kickstarter video, SemblanceAR‘s Mark Skwarek describes both the app and the worldwide, massive mulitplayer AR game.

The project just launched. With nine backers, it has raised over $1100 toward its $30,000 goal.

  • $5 backers get credit
  • $25 backers get to beta test it early
  • $50 backers get pro accounts
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