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These lollipops can be used as videogame controllers — by licking them

Another weird creation from NYU ITP's Nicole He.

Lollipops ... or video game controllers? (Photo via Instagram)

Here’s something: Nicole He built a video game controller out of lollipops.
The lollies are intermingled with copper wire and when licked, the electrical current from the body is enough to control front, back, left and right controls for game.

Add this to the impressive oeuvre of He’s weird tech inventions. In this year alone, we’ve covered the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program graduate student’s numerous creations: the Unfamiliar Cat Petting Simulator, Soylent Dick and Grow Slow, a Twitter account that took a photo of her pet plant and tweeted automatically at the same time each day, allowing @grow_slow’s 800+ followers to track its slow-growing progress.
According to the Raspberry Pi website raspberrypi.org, “The controller uses a Raspberry Pi, the Adafruit Capacitive Touch HAT, and copper foil tape to create a networked controller.”

If this strikes you as not tremendously significant, you’re wrong, dude. Brooklyn’s comparative advantage in the tech world is the creativity of its residents and this is a great example of just that.

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