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Watch the growth of this plant through Twitter

Nicole He is back at it again with the weird stuff.

Feed me! (Photo via @nicolehe on Twitter)

It is through the mysterious beauty of the universe that growth exists at all. Also, trees can talk.
Let’s break down each of those in turn.
Nicole He is one of Brooklyn’s foremost tech weirdos, known for Soylent Dick, True Love Tinder Robot and Unfamiliar Cat Petting Simulator.

Her latest project is a Twitter account for her plant  — @grow_slow — for which one picture is taken every morning at 10:17 a.m. Through the pictures, you get to watch the plant grow.
In the the beginning there is just a lil bud in the middle of the plant. And then over the next 11 days you get to watch the bud cautiously expand, exploring the unknown outer world we all inhabit. Through just the magical process of photosynthesis, it turns sunlight, an ephemeral, weightless entity, into real growth of leaves with weight and veins and color and shape.

People talk about the gift of life. That’s boring and we completely reject anything carrying such sentiment, but this is undeniably cool. That He has made it an automated Twitter bot nicely integrates the oldest of worldly processes into the design-oriented digital world in which we survive day-to-day as best we can.
Now to address the tree claim made in the lede. Trees can talk to each other and think, dude, it’s science.

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