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Frankford CDC, Rep. Tony Payton graduate 5 residents in computer literacy training during Philly Tech Week

The five residents celebrated with a small graduation ceremony last Thursday.

From Left: Instructor Chandi Queen from the People's Emergency Center's digital inclusion program, student Frank Cutler, State Rep. Tony Payton, Rasheem Jennings, William Brown and front row, Ethel Dawson and Karen Lee. (Photo by Christopher Wink)

Five Frankford residents completed a three-day computer literacy certification program hosted during Philly Tech Week in partnership between state Rep. Tony Payton and the Frankford CDC.

The five residents celebrated with a small graduation ceremony last Thursday. The residents who completed the course were the following:


  • Ethel Dawson
  • Frank Cutler
  • Karen Lee
  • Rasheem Jennings
  • William Brown

Among the topics learned over three days, attendees got a taste of basic computer comfort, common web tools, social networking communication and the use of email.

20-something Jennings was most excited to learn how to upload a resume.

“All the job applications I find want me to give a resume online, but I didn’t know how to do that until this class,” said Jennings.

Brown told Technically Philly he was excited to better communicate through Facebook and email.

“Now I know what a ‘wall’ is,” he said, laughing.

In January, the Frankford CDC opened up 10 computer workstations for residents. The computer lab came through a partnership with the city’s collaborative PhillyRising effort, Temple’s Computer Recycling Center and Aria Health, which operates the formerly named Frankford Hospital across the street.

“The CDC definitely plans on doing further workshops, thanks to the People’s Emergency Center,” said CDC spokeswoman Michelle Feldman. “We don’t have any dates set, but folks can give us a call at 215-743-6580 for more info.”

The event, coordinated with Technically Philly, was a pilot for future Tech Week events that will offer basic computer literacy training, something that senior centers, libraries and other community groups do independently throughout the city.

“It’s great to get our part of the city involved in Tech Week,” said Rep. Payton. “We were proud to be a part.”

The Frankford Gazette print newsletter [PDF] used a version of this story.

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