This week’s Ethereal Summit situates Brooklyn as a true hub of the blockchain ecosystem

The Ethereal Summit 2017 will be this Friday in Gowanus.

Is Ethereum the future of contracts? Image from YouTube.

This Friday, Brooklyn blockchain leaders ConsenSys will host the Ethereal Summit, a $600 one-day conference on the state of the Ethereum blockchain in every part of society, from government to finance to art.

It will be, to the best of our knowledge, the first major blockchain conference in the borough, which seems significant.

Major-league blockchain events are not uncommon in Manhattan or Hong Kong or Dubai, but with the rise of ConsenSys as a company, the Bushwick-based dev shop/incubator of blockchain startups is bringing people to Brooklyn.

More than 50 speakers will be at Friday’s conference, speaking mostly in panel discussions, with a keynote by ConsenSys founder and Ethereum blockchain cocreator Joseph Lubin capping the day off.

Some recent Brooklyn blockchain stories have included the ConsenSys-aligned developer who’s testing a blockchain token that’s interchangeable with dollars, and the acquisition by music giant Spotify of a blockchain startup that works on music and art authentication by using the blockchain and artificial intelligence.

The conference will be held in Gowanus.

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