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The 9 most beautifully weird things that happened in Brooklyn tech this year

2016 was another banner year for weirdtent coming out of Brooklyn.

Wow, that's lounging. (Courtesy image)

Brooklyn’s competitive advantage is interesting people doing cool things. Well, 2016 did not disappoint for weird shit Brooklynites made with new technology. In fact, it was as strong a year as ever there was. Some of it was artistic, some of it functional. All of it unusual. Let’s take a look.


 Experience yourself as a mosaic of Santa emojis

Portrait of the author as pixelated Santa emojis.

Portrait of the author as pixelated Santa emojis. (Screenshot)

Prayer hands emoji to Zack Schwartz for taking whatever amount of time from his life necessary to bring this into the world.

A thing that rules: The Animated Advice Hotline

Tfw ur too hype to do homework.

Tfw ur too hype to do homework. (Courtesy GIF)

Ask Cat Frazier a question. She’ll respond to you with a custom gif. Hell yeah.

Smell Dating is the anti-software dating app from Useless Press

Smells like love.

Smells like love. (Courtesy image)

People really signed up for this (mostly journalists, ugh).

Just go ahead and turn all the GIFs online into sexy Edward Snowden

Wow, that's lounging.

Wow, that’s lounging. (Courtesy image)

Ed Snowden is babe alert goals, apparently.

Simulate petting an unfamiliar cat with this furry bit of technology

Nicole He is back at it again with the weird things!

Nicole He is back at it again with the weird things! (Courtesy image)

Nicole He is the best part of Brooklyn. Vote for her for Artist of the Year in our Brooklyn Innovation Awards here if you agree.

Brooklyn’s new tech trend is making Twitters for your house plants

Two avocados and a girl's arm.

Two avocados and a girl’s arm. (Photo via Twitter)

House plant Twitter. So Brooklyn.

Tweet the NY Public Library an emoji and it’ll tweet back a pic from its archives

Check it out yourself!

Check it out yourself! (Screenshot)

This was one of our most-shared stories of the year. You never know, man.

With this new app you’ll never send a boring emoji again

Conversation with iMessage user "Chris."

Conversation with iMessage user “Chris.” (Screenshot)

More A1 emoji content.

Install an airhorn on your laptop’s ~ key. Why not?

Blaaaaaaaa bla bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaa.
Good point, headline. This was made by a poet.

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