Breed kittens on the blockchain in this crypto game

CryptoKitties uses smart contracts to breed cute lil kittens.

The team behind CryptoKitties. (Courtesy image)

Drink sweetener aspartame was discovered when a chemist working on a drug to combat ulcers licked his finger and found it was sweet.

Now people are making kitten-themed games on the blockchain. You really never know what people will do with a new technology after it’s discovered or invented.

Meet CryptoKitties, a game that’s currently in alpha mode and will begin in two weeks on the Ethereum blockchain.

Because smart contracts are such an important part of the blockchain technology, it stands to reason that the contract of breeding animals for maximal cuteness is a workable use case.

“Each CryptoKitty has a 256-bit genome and is breedable with other kitties via smart contract,” according to the game’s site. “Certain physical characteristics that can only be unlocked through breeding; there are a nigh-unlimited number of possible combinations.”

These cryptokitties are goals af. (Courtesy image)

These cryptokitties are goals af. (Courtesy image)

The goal of the game is to agree to breed your kitties with other people’s to get to one of four goal kitties, which have distinctive features. Cat 2 is “blue henna fur pattern + anime eyes + furry body,” for example.

Those who accomplish the ideal kitties will actually win some Ether currency from the game’s designers.

At last, a Tamagotchi for the modern age.

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