Brooklyn startup funding increases for third consecutive quarter

Podcasting giant Gimlet Media leads the way with nearly $20 million in funding.

Brooklyn startup fundraising as of Q3 2017.

(Chart by Tyler Woods)

Five Brooklyn companies raised more than $4 million in the third quarter of 2017, which saw 16 companies raise more than $51 million in total, according to an analysis of public SEC filings conducted by

Leading the charge were Gimlet Media, which raised nearly $20 million, Square Roots, with $5.6 million, and Cleerly, with $5.5 million.

It’s the third consecutive quarter in which Brooklyn startup investment has risen, and is 15 percent higher than the amount raised in the second quarter.

Many of the companies are new names here, although we’ve certainly written plenty about Gimlet Media over the last year, and have done some work on Square Roots and Dog Parker as well.

See previous quarters here: Q2 2017, Q1, 2017, Q4 2016.


Gimlet Media: $19.8 million


Square Roots: $5.6 million

Cleerly: $5.5 million


See Jane Run: $4.7 million

Food52: $4.3 million

FC Languages: $2.3 million

3D Bio Holdings: $2.2 million


Sendence Solutions: $1.9 million

Shape Operating System Industries: $1.6 million


Fero Labs: $966,000

Nowsta: $750,000

Dog Parker: $575,000

Under $500,000

Domino Media Group: $491,000

Sponsor United: $250,000

Weeels: $106,000

Chemitope Glycopeptide: $100,000

Companies: Gimlet Media
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