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Tech Trunk Show puts wearable tech on display for Philly Fashion Week

In celebration of Philly Fashion Week, meetup Tech in Motion brought together three local speakers to take on how technology is driving the future of fashion.

This is a guest post from Jobspring Partners associate Lindsay Lewis, who was a co-organizer of this event.

From fringe to fashion, that’s the life cycle of much of what we wear.

So, in celebration of Philly Fashion Week, meetup Tech in Motion, which is part of a national event series from a network of tech recruiting firms,brought together three local speakers to take on how technology is driving the future of fashion. They called it the Tech Trunk Show.


Guests sipped on craft cocktails from sponsors Art in the Age and Shawnee Craft Brewing

After the attendees had enjoyed the chance to network, the crowd moved inside for presentations. Each expert focused on a different topic:

“Glass and Wearable Devices” by President and founder of Brick Simple, Det Ansinn

Ansinn, who brought two pair with him, spoke about how wearing Google Glass has affected his choices as a developer, saying that “I wear glass full time” because “in order to develop apps you really need to experience it” that way.

However, Glass is more than the “ultimate nerd jewelry,” he said, it’s the beginning of something that is going to affect our lives as we integrate technologies such as wearable devices into our everyday experiences.

“Mobile Apps: Fashion’s Most Profitable Accessory” by Andy O’Dell, CCO of Clutch Holdings

“For Clutch it’s really more about fashion crashing into technology,” said Andy O’Dell, on how mobile apps are affecting the way we shop.

Using interesting stats and stories — such as how Target found out one teen was pregnant before her own father based on her purchases — O’Dell explained how fashion and retail is using technology to find out who people are, why they shop, how they buy and what they bring home.

“We are not one dimensional, we are all individuals,” he said. “I just want someone to understand what I’m looking for and give it to me.”

“Online and Offline: What It Means for Consumers” by Stephan Jacob, CEO and cofounder of Kembrel.

Lastly, Stephan Jacob spoke about Kembrel and how his company moved from an e-commerce platform to a bricks-and-clicks business – and how he keeps it running smoothly.

Using real-time technology, his cloud-based inventory system keeps track of all purchases. Buy from the store and it’s removed online. “A well-executed strategy is extremely powerful,” said Jacob, “Customers have come to expect a seamless experience.”

All three speakers then joined forces for a panel-style Q&A with questions from the audience.

Companies: Brick Simple / Clutch / Kembrel

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