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These 8 startups were chosen for Phorum’s Demo Pit startup competition

Can Michael Raber win again?

Michael Raber’s going for his second win at the annual “Demo Pit” startup competition at Phorum, PACT’s enterprise tech conference.
He won in 2012 with his DreamIt Ventures startup UXFlip, which later got acqui-hired by Artisan Mobile. This time, it’s with his latest startup Boxly, a document-sharing platform that got an early start at Startup Weekend in 2012.
Raber will compete against seven other startup founders to win “Best In Show.” The prize includes bragging rights and the sole demo spot at April’s Philly New Tech Meetup.
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Below, find the full list of Demo Pit startups, with descriptions from the press release. PACT would not disclose how many startups applied to pitch but said that it was 50 percent more than the number that applied in 2013. All are from Philly except Nfoshare, a DreamIt startup from Delaware, and Collected, which is from Pittsburgh. Also of note: MongoSluice is a startup from Chris Dima, founder of West Chester coworking space Walnut St. Labs.


  • Boxly is a touch-based dynamic document platform which allows business users to visually relate and interpret information. The dynamic document creates an app-like experience where one can share information using mobile devices without the need to write code. Boxly transforms disparate, static data into a meaningful, interactive experience.
  • Collected instantly finds related content from your business’ documents and presentations as you work in apps like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, helping you and your team rediscover and get more value from your content than ever before.
  • Livegenic helps organizations enhance customer service support capabilities by reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and mitigating business related risks. They achieve this by enabling businesses to see what the customer sees during the very first customer contact over the phone. Using real-time video streaming, they provide an ability to triage incoming issues during the first customer contact, capturing remote information, resolving user issues, and improving customer experience.
  • MongoSluice takes the time-consuming and expensive slog out of working with big data. It figures out what an unstructured or NoSQL database would look like if it were SQL — and then actually turns it into (and streams it to) SQL or any other RDBMs datastore. This new patent-pending technology exponentially expedites the time it takes to bring big data into business intelligence systems, providing clients with near real-time insight.
  • Nfoshare is the easiest way to increase employee engagement. Each week, the tool checks in with employees using 10-second anonymous email surveys to gauge real-time employee morale and collect feedback. At the end of the month/quarter, simple, personalized research-based suggestions are sent to managers/HR to hit their goals and increase company morale.
  • The SETVI Platform is a SaaS sales enablement solution for field sales forces. Our mission is to create a more efficient sales process, which enables organizations to close more deals and increase sales revenue. Version 1.0 of the product contains an intuitive content management system; a robust, but user-friendly presentation tool; and a powerful tracking system that delivers insightful analytics.
  • Shibumi is a cloud-based application that provides a secure, central location to manage initiatives and deliver better results. Whether driving new sales opportunities, executing cost optimization or managing a change portfolio, Shibumi helps teams collaborate, communicate goals and develop actionable plans so they can spend less time reporting and more time focusing on execution.
  • Tesorio enables companies to self-finance their daily operations, streamlining early payments on invoices so suppliers get paid early and buyers optimize returns on cash. By forgoing a small percentage on their invoice, a supplier can get paid weeks earlier than typical 30-90 day terms. Tesorio’s algorithm calculates this percentage to be win-win: fair for the supplier to forgo and valuable for the buyer to earn given their respective costs of capital.
Companies: Tesorio / SETVI / Boxly / Nfoshare

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