Here, we made some Philadelphia emojis that are actually cool

The King of Jeans sign, the Philly cowboy, the Brad Lidge. There we go.

We can do better.

(Photo via Visit Philly)

We’re just gonna come out and say it and you can call us haters if you want.
We love the idea of Philadelphia emojis. But the ones we’ve seen just aren’t particularly … inspired.
Check out the Visit Philly emoji keyboard that came out today. It’s cute and all, but it’s chock full of Philly cliches. Cheesesteak. Ben Franklin. The Liberty Bell. It’s an emoji keyboard for Philly tourists. (Which we suppose is fitting since Visit Philly is the tourism org.) What we do like from that emoji keyboard is the Gayborhood sign, the Chinatown gate and the Rita’s wooder ice because they’re more unique and place-based and speak more to a Philadelphian’s experience, rather than an outsider’s experience looking in.
Here’s a step up, from Philly Mag, but still lacking.
And so, we wanna hear (or better yet, see!) your ideas for Philly emojis that are actually cool.
Here are some of ours, made this afternoon by Generocity community manager and designer extraordinaire Mo Manklang. You can use them in our public Slack with the :commands: below. (Get an invite here if you’re not part of it already.)
You can also download the Slack-sized images here and be a hero at your office.

Queen of Jeans.


Philly cowboy.


Green guy!


Adonis Creed.


Brad Lidge.


Jim Kenney, elf.


Rim Cafe guy.



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