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NotionTheory wants to turn your old electronics into ~the future~

Like, for example, this glove that allows people to feel things in VR.

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Never a team to have any difficulty coming up with innovative and different projects, it seems the NotionTheory crew has something new up their sleeves.

The agency is looking for individuals and companies to send in old (but reusable) hardware, hardware the team intends to use in experiments with “new gadgets and prototypes.” Got some old electronics laying around that you’ve always wanted to recycle? Consider donating them to NotionTheory.

Anyone who donates will get a special shoutout from the team on their website, and if NotionTheory can’t figure out what to do with your old electronics they’ll either pass it along to another local organization or recycle it in a suitable manner.

And what will NotionTheory build using your old hardware?

According to lead growth engineer Stephen Kae they’ll use the parts to build things like the¬†Iron Man¬†Gauntlet replica the team demoed at MIT this past weekend.

The Iron Man glove, seen in the picture below, was built using off-the-shelf parts and things NotionTheory found laying around the office. When paired with a VR shooter game, the glove allows players to feel “real-time vibrations and feedback” while in the game.

Pretty cool.

NotionTheory's "Iron Man" glove. (Courtesy photo)

NotionTheory’s “Iron Man” glove. (Courtesy photo)

Ready to help NotionTheory build more innovative stuff?

Find instructions for where to send your old hardware here.

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