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This Baltimore maker has a fix for those annoying design flaws on your Nintendo Switch

Todd Blatt's Pocketstand addresses kickstand flimsiness and charging port location issues. It's on Kickstarter.

Todd Blatt's Pocketstand. (Photo via Todd Blatt/Kickstarter)

By all reports, the Nintendo Switch is flying off shelves in its first few weeks. The new console’s “hybrid” ability to dock to a TV or be played on-the-go is proving popular.
But as with most new technology, the debut is also bringing observations about how it can be improved. Todd Blatt has two of those.
“I love my new Nintendo Switch, but it has two moderately annoying design flaws,” Blatt wrote on Kickstarter. “The flimsy kickstand is one problem. The second, more serious problem is that the charging port is on the bottom of the device, making it impossible to charge your Nintendo Switch and play at the same time.”
The Baltimore Node member created the PocketStand to address those issues. Blatt says it’s a sturdier stand, and lifts the Switch up from a table or rests it above a battery charger so it can be charged. It’s a two-piece set, and Blatt says he can add a connector bar. He made it using the Node’s lasercutter
The Kickstarter for the project launched Wednesday. Blatt is looking to raise $500.
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