LivingFrame makes your bouquet look like a still life

It's designed with 3D CAD software and manufactured by the Port Richmond-based Ceramic Shop.

Dan Young and Amy Sassaman, cofounders of Black Diamond. (Courtesy photo)

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How about a living still life?

That’s what LivingFrame, a new piece from Exit Velocity Design, does to your flowers. Here’s the backstory, as written by the firm’s owner, Justin Siebel.


The LivingFrame ceramic vase holds a classic still life in a new way. LivingFrame hangs on the wall and presents your favorite flowers. This design was first conceived many years ago and has been through many iterations including cut and seamed plastic sheet, solid wood, plastic vacuum-forming, casting latex and finally ceramic.


LivingFrame is virtually built and documented in 3D-CAD, which creates renderings and production documents. The design has undertaken the gauntlet of popular modern maker technologies such as 3D printers, CNC machines, and laser cutters. But at the end of the day each piece is handmade by some nice guys named Mark, Zach, and Mike of Philadelphia’s The Ceramic Shop.

I didn’t mean to reject modern technology for this product, the rapid prototyping machines created concepts during early stages of development, but the processes just weren’t appropriate for manufacturing. I continue to use rapid prototyping machines and CAD software for other projects, but it’s refreshing to return to craft. From concept to production this product is made in Philly.


Buy it on Etsy ($85) or at the Punk Rock Flea Market on Dec. 13.


The LivingFrame ceramic vase. (Photo via Etsy)


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