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Join this Huge event and help build a better office

The creative agency already has smart lighting in its conference rooms. What else could make the office better?

Fix up, look sharp. (Image via Twitter)

The office. I think we can all agree that there’s room for improvement. And while startup culture generally has contributed to making office space more fun, you may start to wonder — how can tech make the office more functional?

As one answer to this question, the design agency Huge built some smart lighting for their conference rooms. And next week they’re hosting an event to show ’em off.

What’s smart lighting, you ask? Essentially Huge discovered that knowing when conference rooms are available and booking them in a traditional system is sort of a pain, so the company installed new, programmable lighting in their conference rooms that shows (with the color) whether a conference room is free or not and even gives lighting prompts when it is nearing the end of a booking (meeting) period.

Pretty cool — head out to Huge on April 12 to learn more about how the team did this. The event will also include time to brainstorm on what else could make using conference rooms a better experience.


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