Tripping up on Trello? Slack driving you Asana? Try GrindHub

GrindHub is a single platform for managing the many cloud-based services businesses are increasingly using. It's a product of Brandon Luong's Guanxi Innovations.

GrindHub will streamline all your organization's cloud-based platforms onto one dashboard. (Screenshot via

Brandon T. Luong is an organizer at heart. He’s trying to bring together the DMV startup space.
And he also wants to help your business make sense of all the cloud-based platforms it’s using. Communicating with a combination of Gmail, Trello, Slack and so on has its advantages, but it can quickly become hectic.
Today, Guanxi Innovations, a small branding and dev shop founded by Luong in July, is launching GrindHub in alpha.
Luong explained how it works in an email:

Small businesses, teams and startups use multiple tools and services to execute their tasks. Each platform caters to the client’s work style, but some services don’t play well with others. Furthermore, things get hectic when there are several tools being used to run a project or business, especially when there are more people are involved. Businesses need to have everything kept in one space for a more structured chaos. This is where GrindHub comes in. We’re here for businesses that use multiple cloud products, and want to have all their information synced across different platforms while allowing users to conduct their work. Our clients are the Beyonce, and we’re the background crew making the client shine.

The beta will come out April 13.
You can sign up today for GrindHub’s alpha version.
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