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Buy 3,000 copies of Gabe Weinberg’s new book and he’ll invest in your startup

Spend $34,260 on books, get $10,000 in investment. We think it's a good deal?

Here’s one way to catch an angel investor’s eye: buy his book. Lots and lots of copies of it.

DuckDuckGo founder and angel investor Gabriel Weinberg is offering this perk (plus more) for the first two people who buy 3,000 copies of his new book, Traction, before Sept. 15.

At $11.42 per copy, that puts the price at $34,260. Weinberg and his co-author Justin Mares will make a $10,000 angel investment in those buyers’ startups.

“Investment will be made at standard, founder-friendly terms,” the authors wrote.

That’s the biggest perk, but check out the list for others. If you buy one book, for instance, you’ll get a second book and an invite to a special webinar.

Here’s the thinking behind the marketing campaign:

We truly want our book to help thousands of startups all over the world. More and more, we see startups today shutting down because they can’t get traction. We don’t want that to happen to any of our readers. Part of making sure Traction makes an impact is ensuring that it reaches thousands of people. We’re asking for your help to do that. To make it worth your while, here’s the offer we hope you can’t refuse.

Companies: DuckDuckGo

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