Eric Smith’s farewell letter to the Philly tech scene

Citing personal reasons, the founder of Geekadelphia is moving to Richmond, Va.

The people who made Geekadelphia possible.

(Image courtesy of Eric Smith)

Geekadelphia’s Eric Smith is packing up and leaving town, but not before leaving us with a touching recap of his nine-year run at the helm of one of the foremost geek-culture blogs in the city.
“For many reasons that are my own. I’m off to Richmond,Va., where my wife and I will be taking in a new city and a new state, focusing on my family and publishing career,” Smith wrote.
He spoke of the friends he made while publishing Geekadelphia:

They’re my friends. My dear friends. People I talk to almost daily, no matter the coast. Who I’ve celebrated holidays with, laughed with, cried with, had too much to drink with in Tattooed Mom on South Street.

Of cofounder Tim Quirino, now of Facebook, who left Philly in 2014:

I’m so proud of him that my heart aches every time I get an update.

Of milestones and media recognition:

Philadelphia Magazine awarded the Philadelphia Geek Awards a Best of Philly last year, for best party in town. It’ll be one of the first things I frame in my new home in Richmond. Well, that and my wedding photo, of course.

But Smith also addressed the two main questions some are likely to ask. What’s going to happen to the blog? And what about the Geek Awards?
Through the summer, Geekadelphia is remaining active, but Smith said it will likely be shutting down.
As for the Geek Awards, Smith writes that this publication and our sister site Generocity will be keeping the Philadelphia Geek Awards alive and well come fall. Stay tuned for more details on that.
“It’s been an awesome nine years, Philadelphia. I look forward to visiting,” Smith wrote.

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