Startups DC Diaries: David Wilson, founder and principal at Franklin Advisory

In the latest episode of our video series, Wilson discusses how he launched his company, why the work is important and some fun facts about the company's name.

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Would you believe that Franklin Advisory’s name is derived from Aretha Franklin?

It’s true. The company’s founder David Wilson told that he drew inspiration from the late singer, actress and civil rights activist as he was coming up with a name for his venture. Some people would probably think that Franklin is associated with a family name. But that’s exactly why Wilson chose it — because it’s different from his last name.

Franklin Advisory focuses on helping startup ecosystems grow through entrepreneurial program development, capital raising, and providing strategy and operations support. Wilson specifically helps his clients with business development, but he’s even helped a company build its website from the ground up over a weekend.

Wilson is the latest community leader that I interviewed for DC Diaries, our new video series featuring interviews with local founders, technologists and startup leaders. The conversations are hosted by me, DC Market Editor Michelai Graham, and explore various topics including how these folks got their start in technology or entrepreneurship and what keeps them going. Check out more episodes here.

If you want to hear more about how Franklin Advisory came to fruition, how Wilson has landed some meetings with clients or even more about what he likes to do in his down time, check out our talk below.

Here’s the audio version:

Watch our conversation here:

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