Israel-based Cyberbit makes another move in Maryland

The cybersecurity company is partnering with Bel Air-based MNS Group. It's their second deal in the state in the last year.

Cyberbit's deal with MNS Group gets the word out in the U.S. (Photo via Twitter)

A Harford County company is partnering with an Israel-based cybersecurity company that has been showing signs of making inroads into the state over the last year.
MNS Group, a Bel Air-based managed security services firm that works with U.S. and global clients, is set to offer technology from Cyberbit. Specifically, the company is adding Cyberbit’s SOC 3D, a security operations center platform that automates certain tasks and provides alerts on potential security incidents.
Laura Musser, MNS Group’s Enterprise Vice President for Marketing, said the platform will help the company save time and focus on bigger-picture security work.
“It enables us to do some much higher-level, proactive kind of stuff, instead of reactive,” she said, adding that attacks like WannaCry have raised awareness about the need for security. Along with large organizations, the company works with small-and-medium-sized businesses who can benefit from adding the security operations center technology.
With the agreement, MNS Group will offer provide the platform’s services, as well as offer it for license to organizations.
We trust MNS Group to maximize the impact of SOC 3D in the US and help organizations reduce their time to respond to security incidents.” Stephen Thomas, VP Sales at Cyberbit, said in a statement.
Musser said MNS Group is the first U.S. company to adopt the technology. It marks a further expansion into Maryland for Cyberbit, which is a subsidiary of defense company Elbit Systems. The company first popped up in the state with last fall’s announcement of a new cybersecurity training center which will be located in Baltimore. The company is commercializing technology it provided for military intelligence, Reuters reported.
As Maryland works to grow as a cybersecurity hub, leaders are working to open up business internationally.


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