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Can Boxter really boost your site’s web traffic by 274%?

Acronyms in hand, Boxter has soft launched its method for building web traffic. A new white paper from the Fishtown-based startup sketches out its early results.

Google processed 1.2 trillion searches in 2012 alone. Now imagine how many Google searches are being processed this second.

With an almost disturbing amount of content being pushed to the web, how do you “rise above the noise” to draw web traffic to your business? The folks at Boxter might be able to help you with that.

“We’ve been developing new technology in metrics for helping companies make sense of modern marketing online,” said cofounder Michael Riley. “There’s a lot of disruption going on right now.”

Where the marketing prowess of SEO and social media campaigns have waned, Boxter is developing systems that have organic, durable value.

“Our main goals are increasing web traffic and increasing customer acquisition,” said Riley. “That’s our main value proposition.”

For example, Boxter’s latest web traffic case study yielded a 274 percent increase in unique monthly visitors in a single month.

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“Really, the most efficient way to get people to your site is by having an all-encompassing experience,” said cofounder Ian Leibovici, also of nonprofit PaperClips215. “The results are much higher if you can get people to one place they can search, navigate and explore.”

Boxter utilizes an aggregation of two metric systems (BOATS and DWARFS) that it calls SAIL. “In marketing terms,” explained Leibovici, “you want to catch the wind and sail as far as you can possibly go.”

Essentially, Boxter provides you with easy-to-understand reports breaking down the real value of your content. Riley says they’re focused on educating clients on what they need to change in order to get a higher return on their investment.

“You want to get out there and become sustainable,” said Leibovici. “That’s what we’re looking to do — build the ecosystem of businesses here in Philadelphia.”

Founded this past March (though cofounders Riley, Leibovici, and Dewet Pretorious have been in talks for about a year), the Fishtown-based startup launched softly in late-summer. Boxter has already nabbed clients in the city, Riley said, but plans on making a bigger entrance onto the scene this coming spring.

“The results have been positive,” said Riley. “We’re really excited about it.”


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