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Watch: How Vanguard is using machine learning for personalized financial advice

Three Vanguard technologists introduced the machine learning tool TORI at the Developer's Conference.

Vanguard technologists present TORI, a machine learning tool for more personalized financial advice.


When it comes to planning your financial future, Valley Forge-based Vanguard is chock-full of investing pros to guide you along the way.

But of the company’s more than 17,000 employees, about half of them fall into the tech realm, a group of the company’s technologists said in a recent Developers Conference session at Philly Tech Week 2021 presented by ComcastLindsey Press, a product manager for retirement income, Samy Movassaghi, a principal AI scientist for financial planning, and Christine Meehan, a chief engineer for financial planning, talked about how the company’s machine learning applications have changed workflow.

They introduced attendees to the tool TORI — Tax Optimized Retirement Income — which aims to replace a “rule of thumb” approach for investing with a more personalized approach to generate wealth from an investor’s existing plan.

“In order to identify which of these strategies is optimal, we have to balance many different complex tax considerations,” Press said.

Learn more about TORI with the full presentation below:

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