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The Philadelphia Museum of Art is hosting its first hackathon next weekend

It's nearly sold out, but if you hustle, you might be able to land a ticket.

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Leaders at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, like those at many of the city’s cultural institutions, are turning to technology to attract new visitors.
Their latest project? Their very first hackathon.
During the weekend of March 11, the museum is inviting technologists and art-lovers to develop new ways for visitors to interact with the museum’s collections. Participants get to explore the galleries throughout the weekend (though they can only set up workstations in the designated project room) and will have access to the 350 iBeacons that were installed in the galleries last year for the museum’s “A is for Art” children’s app, said Laura Webb, who works in information and interpretative technologies.
The hackathon costs $20-$25 and tickets are very close to being sold out, so hurry.
Check out Webb promoting the hackathon on our public Slack, which we heartily endorse. (Get an invite here if you’re not a member.)

If you're into iBeacons and wayfinding, sign up for the PMA hackathon, says Laura Webb.


It’s not clear if the museum will own the work created at the hackathon, but we’re waiting to hear back on that.

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