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Meet up with these meetups at our Super Meetup

Super Meetup is coming fast. Here are a few of the groups you can connect with at the July 26 event.

The scene at Super Meetup 2017.

(Photo by Holly Quinn)

With Super Meetup 2018 just around the corner (on July 26), you’re probably asking yourself, “Who can I meet at this awesome event, and how can connecting with them make me a better tech person?” Or not. Either way, we’re going to tell you.

So far, we have six tech/maker meetup groups attending the Super Meetup:

The each bring something different to the table. As will you, with your unique talents! RSVP here:

Let’s learn a bit more about the attendees:

DE DevOps

“I’ve been running our meetup for three years next month,” says group founder Eric Van Der Poel. “I started the group off a challenge by our CIO at the time to bring Delaware together and share stories of moving their organization to DevOps. He has since left but I have been supported by Barclays since. I tend to run meetups different than typical/Philly meetups. Wilmington shuts down after 5 p.m., so though I do run meetups at night, I mix them up with lunch meetups. There are almost two different groups: those that come during lunch and those come after work. I believe if hit the goals I planned out for and now I’d like to stretch out the meetup group to go to other locations even outside of Wilmington. I’ve enjoyed supporting and being part of Super Meetup the past few years. It brings great community connections together and allows us to get our meetup purpose out there to a wider audience. It also has connected me to other meetup organizers and helps us share and support each other.”

Barrel of Makers

Barrel of Makers is a community of makers in the New Castle County area,” said its president, Foster Schucker. “We meet at 1313 Market Street and at the Rt 9 Library and Innovation Center. We offer support for makers on individual projects along with training in softgoods, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Electronics, Woodworking, etc. We also have group projects that we work on. Last years project was a multicolor LED project sign for 1313 Market.  We are building a slightly smaller version for Barrel of Makers demos. Barrel of Makers also goes to Maker Faires and Festivals (like Philadelphia and Hagley) to support the other maker communities in our area. Meetings are Mondays from 6–8 at the Rt 9 Library and Innovation Center in New Castle Delaware.”

Girl Develop It 

“I was introduced to Girl Develop It by [former chapter leads] Megan [Anthony-Keogh] and Paulina [Rubin] at the right time in my tech career because I had just finished Zip Code Wilmington and was starting my first job,” said Jocelyn Harper, chapter lead for GDI Wilmington. “I realized very quickly that Girl Develop It’s mission of providing accessible programming and tech classes to women that may not otherwise be able to afford classes aligned with my own stance. Now as the chapter lead of the Wilmington chapter, I am happy to continue the work that Megan and Paulina started and joining Super Meetup was a natural step toward continued success.”

Open Data Delaware

The meetup behind the Open Data Challenge hackathon recently celebrated 100 meetups, including its Code & Coffee and Newark Codes. If you’re interested in using coding to improve the community, this is a group you want to get to know — regardless of your coding experience level.


Super Meetup 2018 will be held at the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce at 920 Justison St. on the Riverfront from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 26.

It’s free to attend, with free snacks and drinks (and parking!), lots of exhibitors and networking galore.


It’ll be fun.

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