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Why itr8group wants you to ‘fire your project managers’

Watch cofounder Rory Laitila explain why project managers “tend to lead projects down the wrong path.”

A screenshot of Rory Laitila in 2015. (Screenshot via YouTube)

That’s right, folks. When it comes to software development, itr8group wants you to cut your project managers out of the picture.
Cofounder Rory Laitila explains why in the startup’s latest itr8 Minute video.
“We’ve found that anyone that is titled the ‘project manager’ probably doesn’t have development experience, probably doesn’t have very much software experience,” he said. “They tend to lead projects down the wrong path.”
itr8Group’s solution? Instead of hiring a project manager, hire a “product owner.” Semantics? Maybe. But Laitila said there’s a difference.
“[Product owners] are experienced developers and experienced architects that want to move up in their business acumen and work at a higher level,” he said. “The project owner actually becomes a coach for the developers, keeps them moving forward, helps them solve problems.”

The startup is coming up on its first anniversary next week. Stay tuned for more itr8 Minutes this summer.

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