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Digital Steamworks needs $150K to complete lacrosse video game [VIDEO]

Crowdfunding of the Week is a regular series highlighting the technology, creative and innovation crowdfunding campaigns in Baltimore that might be worth your support.

Photo courtesy of Digital Steamworks.

Crowdfunding of the Week is a regular series highlighting the technology, creative and innovation crowdfunding campaigns in Baltimore that might be worth your support. This week’s project comes from Kickstarter. See other Crowdfundings of the Week here
It’s a hefty sum, $150,000, but Digital Steamworks president Murray Taylor said it’s what’s needed for his company of four people to spend the next six months completing a lacrosse video game for iOS-based phones and tablets and Android phones.
As a point of comparison: a research group estimated development costs for big-name, single-platform games at around $10 million. And Electronic Arts pays the National Football League $50 million for the privilege of being the only video game licensee.
“We’ve already put five months of our time into it,” he said. “We want to put all of our time into it.”
Donate to Digital Steamworks’ Kickstarter campaign here.
Digital Steamworks has been working part-time on this lacrosse game, “3D MVP Lacrosse,” which allows for two players to play virtually against two defenders and a goalie, either in single matches or in a more extended “career mode,” where people will play for lacrosse titles and trophies. The project, as Digital Steamworks’ Kickstarter page boasts, has the backing of former college lacrosse players from such lacrosse powerhouses as Syracuse University and Loyola University Maryland.
The Towson-based software and gaming company, which includes veterans from video game companies MicroProse and Atari, will have been building learning software and mobile games for 10 years in November. The $150,000 it’s asking for will cover the following:

  • animating
  • modeling
  • motion capture (think reflective ping-pong balls attached to lacrosse players in a studio)
  • testing

Murray said testing is the “trickiest part.”
“That’s the part that takes a long time to get right,” he said. Taylor also said Digital Steamworks is building the code for “3D MVP Lacrosse” so that it can be “transported to console-gaming platforms.”
Watch Digital Steamworks’ Kickstarter video:
[kickstarter url= width=650]

Companies: MicroProse / Atari / Kickstarter

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