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This Week in Jobs DMV: Pipe Dream Edition

Dum Dum delivery, tech jobs and more.

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Pour Some Sugar On Me

COVID-19 was threatening to lay the candy crush on Halloween this year, then residents in the DMV had a 100 Grand idea. Not yet ready to Rolo-ver to the pandemic — or simply fearful of tricks without treats — homeowners are reportedly installing six-foot-long pipes outside their front steps to mollify the roving bands of kids demanding candy every spooky season. The devices recall the glory days of sending interoffice memos and bank deposits via pneumatic tubes.

We won’t judge if you upgrade your home office by repurposing the pipes — although we generally advise against air shooting memos to partners or roommates. But if this Starburst of inspiration helps you get the jump on that cover letter or application, do what you gotta do.

The News

Is Python your love language? Do you dream in Java? If so, rejoice that October is Software Development Month. We’re digging deeper into the processes and trends behind the code — and we want to talk about it with you. Tell us about your absurd — or extremely practical — side project. Share your perspective on which programming languages are most essential in 2020. Got a story about building your first app? We’d love to hear it.

Speaking of submissions, we also want your nominations for technologists making a difference.’s RealLIST Engineers is back for 2020, and we’ll be honoring those who commit code, solve problems and build solutions — and, better yet, go above and beyond to guide the next generation of technologists. If that sounds like someone you know (including yourself!), let us know.

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … kidney? MissionGO, the Baltimore startup pioneering drone-deliveries of organs, notched its longest flight yet last month. A kidney soared some 10 miles across the great blue yonder, flying aboard a drone from an airport to a desert medical clinic outside Las Vegas. A recent cornea delivery gives new meaning to eyes in the sky.

The Jobs





The End

If you’re considering a candy chute for trick or treaters, don’t go too narrow — the tubes can jam or clog. As NPR reports, one NoVa homeowner had success with M&M’s (presumably not one by one), Sour Patch Kids, Snickers and Milky Way bars, but ran into trouble trying to deliver Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Good luck out there and the job hunt! And don’t forget to reward yourself with a bit of the sweet stuff.


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