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The 5 spookiest haunted Delaware videos of 2019 (so far)

Ghost hunters are active in Delaware all year round. Here are some of the most frightful of this year.

Are you scared yet? (Screenshot via CJ Faison's Youtibe Channel)

Delaware isn’t necessarily famous for its paranormal activity (or for UFO sightings, though we’ve had our share of those, too).

Rockwood Mansion and Fort Delaware are widely known as haunted sites, but really, strange things have been happening all over the state, including the ghost of Lemonade Mullery pranking people at Dead Presidents Tavern, eerie footsteps climbing the stairs of the Deer Park Tavern, sightings of a headless British Redcoat near Lums Pond and Delaware’s own “Bloody Mary,” the ghost of a woman who, they say, you can hear audibly sob if you call out “Maggie, I have your baby” from Old Maggie’s Bridge in Seaford at night.

All good stories, whether you believe in the paranormal or not. But if you prefer your spookiness delivered courtesy of the internet, check out these popular paranormal (or, if you prefer, “paranormal”) Youtube videos made in Delaware and uploaded in 2019:

The Cannnonball House in Lewes is the home of the Lewes Historical Society, and, they say, the ghost of Sarah Rolan. Adventure-seeking Youtube star Moe Sargi checked it out in May.

CJ Faison, a Felton, Delaware Youtuber who has explored haunted roads and bridges all over the country, made a video on Bennett Pier Road in Sussex County in June and warned viewers: “Seriously, get ready for one intense and scary video.”

Florida Youtuber and ghost hunter OmarGoshTV visited Old Maggie’s Bridge with Faison in February. Here’s his viral (3 million+ hits) video of what happened when they tried to summon Maggie.

In May, Faison and a buddy decided to explore Lewes at 3 a.m. “We were warned not to come here at night,” he said. “Next time … listen to the locals.”

In September, Rick Whiskey Paranormal investigated a theater in lower Sussex County where actors had reported hearing voices and other strange sounds. (This is a two-parter.)


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