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Maryland and Virginia are some of the best states to work in tech, study says

New research from Venture Smarter ranked the two in the top five nationwide.

(L to R) Maryland and Virginia flags. (Photos by Flickr users Thad Zajdowicz and MBandman, used via a Creative Commons license)

Well, folks, it’s time to brag again about the life of tech workers in the DC area and its surrounding states.

Venture Smarter, a business consulting firm, just released a study on the best states in the country to work in tech. Taking a look at hourly wage, the number of tech employees in the state and the option for work, the company gave states a score out of 100 for their assets. And, to little surprise, if you ask me, Virginia and Maryland score near the top the list (DC was not included in the research).

Virginia landed at number three, with a score of 82.38 out of 100. The study found that Virginia had the highest number of tech workers per 1,000 residents nationwide at 62. The state’s median hourly wage is $23.22, 228% higher than the median across all industries.

Like the powerhouse the DMV is, Maryland was right on Virginia’s heels, ranking fourth on the list. Venture Smarter gave the state a score of 76.08 out of 100, with a median hourly wage of $24.72, 215% higher than the national average. The study found that 24% of Maryland tech workers work from home, and about 54 people work in tech for every 1,000 residents of the state.

Washington was ranked as the best state in the US to work in the tech industry, followed by California. After Maryland, Colorado ranked fifth nationwide.

Journo Research, an agency acting as Venture Smarter’s PR intermediary, did not immediately return a request for comment on the findings.

An unnamed spokesperson for Venture Smarter noted in a written statement that the study revealed some unusual insights into the best place to pursue a tech career — specifically that Washington state edged out California, home to Silicon Valley. According to the study, while wages are the highest, there aren’t the same ample number of job opportunities.

As such, the spokesperson encouraged job-seekers to look at more than just pay when considering locales.

“The emergence of Web3 has made jobs in tech more desirable, and while a career in this field can be highly rewarding, it is crucial to consider various factors before determining the ideal state in which to embark on a tech career,” they said.


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