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Aug. 22, 2019 12:55 pm

The hottest new Twitter account is … the Pennsylvania Treasury?

The folks behind the account have quickly gained a following by tweeting a mixture of Mike Scott memes and financial information.
The @PATreasury account.

The @PATreasury account.

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We here at like to think we have our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the local tech world — who’s hiring, what skills and trends are forthcoming — and generally being good People Who Are Online™.

But we couldn’t have predicted this one: The hottest Twitter account of the summer is easily @PATreasury, an account self-described as “we handle all of the money.”

After starting the account in June, a few unnamed department staffers have quickly built an audience of more than 7,400 followers.

Here’s the tweet that really caught our attention:

Why, exactly, was a government department going off on the hog guy meme?

But it’s not just hog guy. The account flawlessly mixes financial education and trending internet topics.

The staffers who run the account said that the department has had three different accounts over the years. Treasurer Joe Torsella has his own account, @JoeTorsella, created in 2011. Then in 2013, a department account, @PATreasurer, was made.

These accounts have been used in different ways over the years, but the team wanted to take a new approach with @PATreasury.

“Treasury programs have a lot to offer Pennsylvanians, and we wanted to try some new ways to engage with folks that people don’t normally see from a state government agency,” they said in a DM. “Using @PATreasury, we will help them search for unclaimed property, help them learn about our different savings programs, and maybe just share a laugh with them in a new and more engaging way.”

It’s not the first time a government agency realized that there’s a lot to be leveraged with connecting on social media. Last month, a the interim deputy revenue commissioner for the Philadelphia Department of Revenue explained why she and the rest of the department revamped its social media strategy.

It’s clear that @PATreasury understands this too. The account tweets about all kinds of things ranging from Pennsylvania diners, dog memes, Gritty, Netflix shows, the South Philly Acme and student debt.

The staffers have remained anonymous so that they can build a strong, independent voice for the account, they said: The department itself is made up folks people with their own personalities, and they’re meant to serve and connect with Pennsylvanians who have personalities themselves.

While the staffers behind the account have control, feedback and the stories people share go back to Torsella.

“With this account, we’re hoping to break through the noise and connect with the people we serve,” the staffers said. “The goal is to bring people in with a joke or a shared interest (like the #MikeScottHive), and then, yes, help educate a bit about what we do and different ways Treasury programs can help people. But the goal is also to hear from as many people as possible about what they care about, what they want to see or what is impacting their life.”

In the short time we’ve been following the treasury, there’s been a ton of tweets we’ve loved. Here’s a handful:


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