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Jan. 4, 2018 7:20 am

Who should be on the 2018 realLIST of Philly’s top startups?

A quick look at what makes a startup “real,” and your chance to tell us which Philly startups will be making big moves in 2018.

Center City Philadelphia.

(Photo courtesy of C. Smyth/Visit Philly)

Our fun experiment to start off 2017 rung true: the lineup of 20 startups we deemed “real” in January kept real busy (and kept us busy) throughout the year.

From multimillion-dollar fundraising rounds to new products and media blitzes, the 2017 realLIST startups were doing big tings throughout the year. As the tech community gathers its bearings to start 2018 strong, we want to open up the floor and take your suggestions.

For a quick refresh, here’s the initial filter we apply to narrow down our list:

  • Companies must have been founded no earlier than 2014, a three-year sunset period born from cofounder Christopher Wink’s 2012 definition of a startup.
  • Companies must make the majority of their revenue from a product. That means agencies or studios are a no-go.
  • They haven’t exited or undergone something similar (majority investments, acquisitions, mergers and the like.)

(Catch yours truly chatting about the realLIST on WHYY’s NewsWorks Tonight.)

And so, Philly tech community: let’s hear your suggestions!

What’s that elusive, stealth-mode startup we should watch throughout 2018?

What’s the 2017 honoree that deserves a re-up?

Tell us in the comments below. Or email us: philly@technical.ly

  • Small Biz Philly

    Well, what are our options?

    • Roberto Torres Luzardo

      Open ballot! Let’s hear your noms.

  • Small Biz Philly

    How about Milk Crate for starters

  • Larry Cooper

    It looks like REC Philly fits the filters you apply to this! Always doing impactful work for Philadelphia artists.

  • Scarlet Estelle
  • A Visionary

    Local Ecommerce startup company SimpleTire.com is on a ‘roll’ with annual tire sales projected to exceed $500 million for 2018.

  • Erika Z

    Flagship is a cool new marketplace for independent fashion, based in Fishtown. They have brands from all over the world and are about to do a round of funding. https://flagship.market

  • Rupinder

    Keriton for literally saving NICU babies and well for being 2017 Startup of the Year and SXSW winner!

  • Greg

    WeGardn is a true Philly startup, which is about to start expanding nationally and going through seed stage funding. Definitely worth keeping an eye on both for growth & impact potential, with a big announcement coming February 1st.

  • dh77

    Perpay should be on this list https://perpay.com/

  • Two entrants:

    Amino Payments is a potentially transformative business in the massive global digital ad space using blockchain technology to change how the supply chain is reconciled and how advertising is ultimately deployed and funded. It’s also founded and managed by seasoned trailblazers with proven track records (Luttrell, Bookspan, Chapman, Price)

    goPuff is an app driven ecommerce play fundamentally changing the service level expectation of the convenience store customer within it’s ever expanding localized footprints. Local sub-30 founders going zero to one with the startup ecosystem pulling for them. Huge market, savvy natively digital customer, proven success, competing nationally, scale mode.

    Full disclosure – I’m very close to and/or working with both with nothing but love and hope that they can further put the Philly Tech and Startup ecosystem on the map. Onward and upward!

  • Optando

    Under the Stealthmode category, I would nominate Optando based in CC Phila. Optando provides feature rich (WebRTC based) video chat capabilities to the Telehealth and Senior’s markets. Optando also is launching safe secure “private mode” video chat service Evap (evap.io) for dating sites and e commerce sites. After 30 months in development, Optando is hitting the street in 2018.


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