Yes, there's still time to talk about Amazon - Philly


Nov. 28, 2017 12:15 pm

Yes, there’s still time to talk about Amazon

A panel on Nov. 30 aims to dissect our city's push to lure a tech giant into town.

For the new LOVE Park?

(Image courtesy of PANMA)

While one storied national outlet snubbed our city in its roundup of possible sites for Amazon’s sprawling, transformative HQ2 campus, Philly spent close to a quarter million dollars putting together its bid.

In Philly’s tech scene, the idea of a 50,000-employee behemoth landing has stirred both firm support and open skepticism. However, the idea of a big corporate taking up presence in the local tech scene should be subject to public discussion. On Nov. 30, the topic will be dissected at “Big Business: Benefit Or Burden?”

The PANMA panel, moderated by Philly Mag business editor Fabiola Cineas, promises a sparkling debate:

  • Brigitte Daniel, Executive Vice President, Wilco Electronic Systems
  • Adam Glaser, Chief Design Officer, Benjamin’s Desk/Founder, Cities Buildings Rooms
  • Sylvie Gallier Howard, Chief of Staff, City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce
  • Alex Hillman, Cofounder, Indy Hall
  • Mjumbe Poe, Cofounder and CTO, FixList

“Amazon in Philly is such a hot topic, but so many of us still have questions,” said Josh Silverbauer, the PANMA organizer who also heads up design firm Grue and Bleen. “One of the big ones: do we even want Amazon here? We’re hosting this panel to shed light on an issue that’s been on our minds for months, and to bring nuance into the conversation. We’re hoping everyone leaves with a greater understanding of the implications of a tech giant coming to the city we love.”

(Here’s one Philly native’s take on why Philadelphia is perfect for the project but won’t get picked.)

The event is down to its last few tickets but organizers say there will also be a waitlist if you miss out.




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