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Jul. 6, 2017 8:15 am

SEPTA says real-time data on buses, trolleys finally coming to app

1,400 buses and 159 trolleys were outfitted with cellular modems so you can see where the heck your bus is.

A pair of SEPTA buses.

Keep your eye on SEPTA’s mobile app this month: Philly’s transit agency is planning to roll out real-time trip data to riders by the end of July, the Inquirer’s Jason Laughlin reports.

The rollout is the latest update on SEPTA’s long-delayed push to let riders have access to real-time data on trolleys and buses and trains. Through a $5.6 million investment, 1,400 buses and 159 trolleys were fitted with cellular modems similar to those added to the Regional Rail trains.

The equipment will allow location data on vehicles to refresh every 30 seconds versus the current updates that refresh every few minutes, according to the Inky report.

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“SEPTA travelers said more accurate information would be a great help, particularly as they make choices about what mode of transportation to use on a system that struggles to run on time,” McLaughlin writes. “SEPTA’s Regional Rail trains typically are on time less than 90 percent of the time. Buses are doing well if they’re on time 80 percent of the time.”

Thanks to SEPTA’s open API, Philly devs like Douglas Muth (creator of the beloved Is SEPTA Fucked? and SEPTA Stats) and William Entriken (SEPTA Regional Rail On-Time Performance Report) have taken to the dev console to build their own apps worth a try.

  • Jeremy G

    Hey there. Thanks for the article. Quick question, will the update to the app show the real-time status of both the MFL as well as the Broad St Line? Cause in my opinion, that is the functionality that is needed in the current SEPTA app. I never ride the regional rail and hardly take the bus. However I ride the subway, literally every single day and would like to know if it is running late. Anyway thanks again for the article. Take care and have a good day.

  • ambiguator

    As part of the $5+ million update, will transitview become mobile-friendly or (gasp!) responsive?


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