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Mar. 28, 2017 11:02 am

Play Cipher Prime’s latest game ‘Jawns’ for free before it’s too late

It's like chess, but the rules are a bit, er, looser.

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For the next couple of days, you’ll be able to play the latest videogame from Philly-based game dev shop Cipher Prime, aptly named Jawns.

Jawns is a more combative, less structured take on chess that arms two players with 15 lil tiles spread across a board. To win, the victor must destroy his opponent’s “main jawn” by lawing a tile on top of it. The current build lets users play against the computer’s AI or tag along with a friend in five different game modes like “Treasure Hunt,” “Numbers” and “Judo.”


Play the game

Listen to Cipher Prime cofounders Will Stallwood and Dain Saint giving a Philly-tastic description of the game:

The online version will likely be nixed in a couple of days, so better hurry up and play. The official Jawns build will be released as part of next month’s Humble Bundle, a subscription-based game package.

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